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Monitor does not wake up after Compix system goes to sleep

If this happens, you may need to disable the Ultra Low Power State (ULPS) settings within the Registry. This in particular may happen to AMD RX 6600 graphic cards shipped with your Compix system.

1. Restart your Compix system.

2. Close any Compix software or program you are running.

3. In Search, type "regedit", right click the Registry and select [Open as Administrator].

4. Before manipulating the settings, Export the Registry for safe keeping.

5. Go to your Finder (CTRL + F), and find "EnableUlps" (Ultra Low Power State)

6. Let it search, double click "EnableUlps" and change the value from "1" to "0". Do not touch anything else (EnableUlpsNA shouldn't be changed). 0 = Disable.

Note: If you receive a Registry error about not having permission to change the file, please only run as Administrator. Also, go to Find Next and search for "EnableUlps" again. Only change "EnableUlps"; do not edit other similar named functions.

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