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Can I setup Standard User Accounts on Windows 10 or Windows 7?


Am I able to setup Standard User Accounts for other users on my Compix system running Windows 10 or Windows 7?


You are able to create other User Accounts on your Compix system, but they will need to be Administrator Accounts.

Windows 10 and Windows 7 do not give the same privileges as Windows XP regarding setting up Standard Users as Power Users. In order to access Compix software and hardware, it is required to use an administrative account. It's more than adding write access to folders, as when opening GenCG or loading Windows in general, the computer is in constant communication with video drivers and needs continual admin access.

If you setup Standard Users you will need the admin password to open GenCG and the Matrox video drivers will not load successfully resulting in error messages.

Alternative Solution:

You are able to setup administrator 'Access' accounts and block them from sensitive folders.

If you right click the files or folders you do not want to give access, click the 'Security' tab. Afterwards, click 'Edit' under 'Permissions' and you will see a list of users to give 'Full Access' or 'Deny'.

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