Error Messages while Accessing Compix Controller, no graphic output

November 14, 2017


When I access the Compix Controller, I receive an error message like the following:
-"CBoardConfigManager::_Initialize()failed: The input resolution is not compatible with the genlock resolution.."

- "CCompixControllerDlg::_FillEngineProfile: Unable to create Flex EngineCreator:.." 

- "No hardware found"


I am able to open GenCG, but nothing plays out when running a file.



Adjusted the Compix Controller settings incorrectly from your incoming genlock or video input feed. Frame Rate adjustment might have been tweaked incorrectly as well.  When opening the Controller, it looks at your incoming video feed and has conflicts with the settings that are in place, giving you the error message. There is an update fixing this issue for Windows 10 only.



For Windows 10

- Reset Windows. In your search box, search for "Reset this PC". When prompted, select "Keep my files". Resetting Windows 10 will basically reinstall a new version of Windows on top of itself, but keeping your original Compix files and programs. With saying this, all activations will be erased and we'll need to provide new ones. If you go through this, please Email us with your Compix serial number. The serial number is located either on the back or side of the Compix system.


- Alternatively, you can also go through a Windows Restore to an earlier Restore point. If Windows Reset or Windows Restore doesn't work as desired, connect your Compix system to the Internet and download all current Windows updates, install, and try again.


- Download the latest Matrox Utilities and Compix Controller from the Downloads page after your system is operational again; doing so will fix the issue.


For Windows 7 - Run a Windows Restore from a previous Restore Point. Do so by going to Start -> System Tools -> System Restore and follow the prompts within.


If Windows Restore does not resolve the issue, you'll need to re-install Windows 7 32bit edition and reload all Compix software & drivers. If you do not have a DVD drive, please search the Microsoft website for an ISO installation file for Windows 7 32bit edition. I believe you'll need your Windows serial number prior to download, and a USB flash with appropriate storage. Also, backup all Compix files! If you have access to GenCG, open all files, one at a time. Go to File -> Export GEF (GenCG Embedded File: This will save all imported media to your GenCG file excluding Fonts). Now transfer the GEF files off the computer and when everything's back running, go to File -> Import GEF.


Also please note if you re-install Windows, you will erase all activations associated with your system. If you go through this, please Email us with your Compix serial number. The serial number is located either on the back or side of the Compix system. 



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