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How to setup DASDEC with NewsScroll for EAS Alerts

Before setting up NewsScroll for receiving external data, first properly configure DASDEC. This instructional is for an IP configuration through ethernet. Compix will need to be on the same shared network as DASDEC, and you'll need your IP address and port number (if used). Connect both NewsScroll and DASDEC to the network before continuing.


1. Choose a Client Interface Name: This is to name the CG to reduce confusion between multiple devices.

2. Enable Client Interface: Check this box in order to enable the specific client that you have selected to edit, or just created.

3. Select a Protocol Option: Select 'COMPIX NewsScroll’ as your protocol option.

4. Remote CG Net Host IP and Port: In this field, type the IP address and the port of the CG that is on the same network connection that your DASDEC is on.

5. All FIPS codes trigger: Check to enable all alerts, regardless of FIPS codes, to trigger a crawl on the target CODI. Uncheck to only allow alerts for specific FIPS areas to trigger the crawl. When unchecked, you can select from the Encoder FIPS pool or the Forwarding FIPS pool to add the list of allowed FIPS that trigger this CODI alert send. After a set of FIPS codes have been selected, use the ‘Add Selected to Net CG List’ button to add the selections to the filter list (labeled as the Streaming CODI CG Net client FIPS List). Alerts to these locations will be sent to the remote CODI.

6. All EAS codes trigger: If enabled, all EAS codes will trigger the Net CODI client interface. Set the checkbox to enable/disable EAS code filtered trigger control. If disabled, then the alert EAS code is filtered for a specific match as a way to control whether or not the target CODI is triggered. If All EAS is disabled, select EAS codes from the provided lists and add to the client EAS list. If the EAS code of an active forwarded/originated alert matches any of these EAS, the alert will be sent using the Net CODI client.

7. Save configuration: When you finish making changes, click ‘Accept Changes’ to save the configuration.


1. When the above configuration is set, open the NewsScroll application. Go to Options and check 'APC Control Mode'.

2. Within Options, select 'Communication Method' -> 'Socket (TCP/IP)'. If you are assigned a Port number, configure it by going to Options -> 'Set IP Port'.

3. If you would like to adjust how NewsScroll behaves during and after alerts, you can make adjustments through Options -> 'Protocol / TFT Settings'.

If you are experiencing any issues, NewsScroll keeps a LOG file of all activity being received and sent within C:\Compix\NewsScroll\LOG. Also, if NewsScroll is receiving data, but does not respond to alerts given, verify 'Use TFT Protocol' is un-checked within Options -> 'Protocol / TFT Settings'.

If you would like to adjust the look of the crawl and its data, open the crawl's template file by double clicking within the Lower / Upper Crawls Template section to the left of the UI. Once opened, the '@1' is the default crawl text attributes, and the rectangular bar is the crawls background bar.

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