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HD-SDI Bypass Relay Card Setup

The bypass relay card for HD-SDI Compix systems have the following connectors from top - bottom:

  • PGM IN

  • VID IN (CG IN)

  • CG OUT


To set it up you would connect it the following way:

- PGM IN <- Feed source video into PGM IN

- VID IN -> Connect VID IN to the Matrox video input (video travels to Matrox input)

- CG OUT <- Matrox Output feeds back into the CG OUT connector

- PGM OUT -> PGM OUT goes to your Monitor or final output.

When the Compix system is turned off, it bypasses the middle 2 BNC’s and your Switchers video goes through the PGM IN to PGM OUT.

The HD-SDI Bypass Relay Card is an optional purchase and can be added on after purchase, but video bypass functionality is included in all Analog and SD-SDI only systems (AllCG board enabled).

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