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Does my Compix System support Windows 10?

Compix systems support Windows 10 64bit for either AllCG board systems or those that have Matrox board systems purchased in 2015 or later.

If you are using a Compix system with Genlock or G3 based Compix boards, your Compix hardware is not compatible and has not been tested.

Please be aware that even through your Compix hardware might support Windows 10, the computer that houses your hardware might not be supported. Please verify you meed the minimum specifications for Windows 10 on the Microsoft website. Regarding RAM compatibility, we do not require more than 2GB for SD and 4GB for HD.

If you don't know the board type within the Compix system, please located your serial number and refer to below. The serial number is either located on the Compix chassis itself, or within the Compix drivers -> Info or Lock Info button.

  • AllCG boards - serial number similar to "AA0001-SA-001" or "AA0001-SDA-001"

  • Matrox boards - serial number similar to "A00001"

  • G3 boards - serial number ending in T

  • Genlock boards - serial number ending in +, A, U, U/T, N, or P

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