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How to Add Station ID inside Data Line within NewsScroll

If you would like to place a station ID at the end of each data line, then you’ll be adding it inside the GenCG template itself (GenCG template is where the look and feel of the data line attributes are (font type/size, bar color, transparency, etc)).

For example, open the ex1.txt file for your lower | upper crawl (Go to your crawl area and select Open, choose the example file within the NewsScroll folder of either C:\Compix\ or C:\Program Files\Compix\).

Now to the left of the news items, you’ll see the template used, which should be ‘scroll’. Double click it.

When GenCG opens the template, you’ll see a bar with text reading @1. From the edge of the canvas where the bar starts to the beginning of the @1 is your spacing between each news item. If you would like more/less spacing, adjust the @1. Also, if you would like branding to appear in-between each news item, place it in-between as well.

Please note:

1. This works with static logos only

2. It’s recommended the logo dimensions be the size of the logo itself, not the HD/SD resolution

3. The logo will get trimmed off past the bar boundary

4. Press CTRL or ALT left | right arrows to move the @1 text horizontally


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