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Connecting Compix System to Switcher

There are two ways to connect the Compix CG to your switcher: downstream or upstream.

Downstream of the Switcher

Take the program video output of your switcher and loop it through the Compix system.

  1. Advantages:

  • Does not require any inputs on the switcher.

  • Simple installation with minimal cabling.

  • CG Operator takes graphics to air.

  1. Things to Consider:

  • If you will be displaying graphics, it is recommended to keep the Compix system running at all times throughout studio usage.

  • Dependent on adjustable VGA Preview Monitor through the software's interface.

Upstream of the Switcher

Take the video and key output of the Compix system into two independent inputs on your switcher. Either connect the house Black Burst generator sync feed into the black Burst input of the Compix or frame sync the video and key inputs of the system that Compix is going in to.

  1. Advantages:

  • Switcher Operator takes graphics to air.

  • Setting up transition effects for your pages is optional.

  • Compix system can be turned off or restarted if necessary during studio usage.

  1. Things to Consider:

  • More complex setup required.

  • Requires two switcher inputs per channel (fill and key) or one input if you apply a chroma key.

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