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Cannot find PROGRAM video board! - Compix Persona

Problem: Receiving a Cannot find PROGRAM video board! when either opening Persona or accessing the Option -> Video -> Video Board section.

Cause: This error occurs when the Compix Persona software cannot access the Matrox board drivers and/or hardware.


This error might either occur because

  • You are opening a Persona file without the Persona application open. Please be sure the Persona application is opened first.

  • You have incorrect drivers installed for your Matrox hardware. Please be sure that Matrox DSXLE2 boards have Matrox Utilities 7.5 installed, and that MatroxDSXLE3 boards have Matrox Utilities 9.4 installed.

  • How to find Matrox board versions: Within your lower toolbar menu (where the clock is), right click the blue M icon and press Open Under the Hardware dropdown you will see Hardware Model.

  • How to find what Matrox Utilities version: Within your lower toolbar menu (where the clock is), right click the blue M icon and press Open Under the System dropdown, you will find Matrox DSX.utils.

  • You are running as a Standard User. Please be sure to run as Administrator when using Compix Persona. Persona requires read/write access to folders within your C:\ as well as communications with the Matrox hardware. Restricting access will prevent it from communicating properly.

All drivers are within the downloads page of, and it is recommended to uninstall previous drivers and restarting your system before installing new ones.

If the above doesn't help, and you still receive the error message, it's recommended you perform a System Restore to an earlier time. Do so by going to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore. Press "Show more restore points" if a date is not available that you prefer. After the System Restore is complete, try opening Persona again and see if it functions properly.

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