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Windows XP Will Not Boot Successfully

Set the CD/DVD drive to boot before the hard drive. To do this, go to your BIOS (continually press the Delete key immediately after turning on the system). Under the [Boot] tab, use your keyboard to move the CD/DVD drive to the top of the boot list. After that is complete, press F10 to Save and Restart with the Windows XP Installation Disc in the drive.

  1. When prompted, Windows will tell you to press any key to boot from the CD/DVD drive. Follow the instructions.

  2. After the system restarts, you will see a message saying "Press Any Key to Enter Setup". Press any key now. Windows will begin loading the Setup files.

  3. Once it completes loading, you will be asked if you would like to Repair or Setup Windows. Press "R" to Repair Windows. You will be redirected to the Command Prompt. Note: If there is an error during Setup, please dust off the Installation Disc. If you see scratches, the disc will not read properly. If the Setup does not find any previous installation of Windows, you will need a floppy disc containing your motherboard's RAID drivers. This is necessary for any RAID or SATA hard drive purchased before 2008. Please see step A below for instructions. If you do not have a floppy drive, you will need to install one before continuing. The Windows Setup will not detect USB drives.

  4. Type in "chkdsk" (check disk) and press Enter.

  5. Now you will receive a message asking which Windows you would like to repair. Type "1" and press Enter.

  6. Windows will scan your disk for bad sectors and try to fix them. When it finishes, it will take you back to the Command Prompt.

  7. Type in "fixboot". Once that finishes, type "exit".

  8. If the Compix system still does not load Windows properly, you will need to re-install the Windows OS. Restart the system and press any key when prompted. Windows will once again go through the setup.

  9. When you get back to the Repair or Setup Windows prompt, press Enter to continue.

  10. Now select the partition Windows is currently installed on and delete it. This will permanently delete all files on your system. Once deleted, create a new partition. Make sure the partition is "C". Note: For rack-mount users with a multi-use card read in front with USB connection, sometimes "C" is not immediately available and a different partition letter is selected. If this is the case, delete it and try again until "C" is selected. Note: You should not have any USB drives connected at this time.

  11. Once you have a new partition labeled "C", press Enter to format the new partition.

  12. Once formatted, Windows will go through the installation.

  13. When Windows boots up for the first time, you will need to install all motherboard drivers before installing the Compix board and software. To do so, you will need the model number of the motherboard. You can find it between the PCI slots on the motherboard itself. Go to the manufacturer's website and search for that model number's drivers. You will need to transfer all driver files to a USB drive and bring that to your Compix system. Your Compix system at this point does not have internet access, as you need the Ethernet drivers installed first.

  14. If Setup does not load correctly because it has not found any previous Windows installation, you will need the motherboard RAID drivers before continuing. To do so, find your motherboard's drivers from the manufacturer's website.

  • The motherboard model number is located between the white PCI slots. Once located, access the motherboard manufacturer's website (ASUS or Intel) and search for drivers for that model.

  • Once you find the drivers, download the RAID drivers and extract the content.

  • Insert a floppy disc into the computer, erase all of its contents, and copy the extracted content. You have now created your floppy RAID disc. Note: Do not copy the folder the content is in, copy only the content itself.

  • Restart your Compix system with the Windows installation disc inside. Press any key when prompted.

  • When the Setup first appears, it will ask you to press F6 to install RAID drivers. Press F6 now. If you do not see this, please restart your Compix system and try again.

  • After the Setup completes, you will be prompted to install the RAID drivers. Once installed, continue the Setup by going back to setp 4 above.


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