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Playing NewsScroll files through the Auto Start Setting

With the Auto Start Setting, you are able to have NewsScroll 4.0 or later versions automatically start playing your file when the file is opened.

To use this feature, set up the items how you would like them to appear, click the [On] button, and go to [Options] > [Auto Start Settings]. With the feature selected, save the .nss file by going to [File] > [Save] or [File] > [Save As]. When the .nss file is opened, items that were previously playing will automatically be selected and played.

NewsScroll also gives you the ability to open the .nss file with just a double click on the file itself. With this, you can place a shortcut to the .nss file on your Startup Folder of the Compix system. When Windows on your Compix system starts, it will open the .nss file and start playing, all without needing to access your keyboard or mouse.

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