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Placing GenCG files beneath NewsScroll data with Cut Mode

You can place GenCG files under NewsScroll data with NewsScroll 4.0 and above by using Cut Mode. To do so, open NewsScroll and click on the [Cut] tab. This opens the Browse option that allows you to browse for your GenCG file. Once opened, each GenCG page is displayed in NewsScroll. To play pages, double click on a thumbnail to highlight it, select the [Cut] button at the top of the screen, and click [ON]. The selected GenCG page will appear in the background of the NewsScroll data. To switch between pages, simply double click the next page within the Cut tab.

Note: While NewsScroll 3.5 also has the Cut Mode function, it displays GenCG pages in the foreground of all data instead of the background. This is a normal function of NewsScroll 3.5.

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