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Persona Crashes when opening

If the Video tab in the Options menu is incorrectly manipulated, Compix Persona might become temporarily unstable. If it crashes continuously when opening, please perform the following steps.

  1. Remove the blue USB lock from the Compix Persona system and open Persona. The software should open in Demo Mode.

  2. Now go to [Tools] > [Options] to open the Options menu. Now click on the Video tab. The Video tab will revert back to its default settings. Change a setting elsewhere in the Options menu and click [Apply], then [Save].

  3. Shut down Persona, place the blue USB lock back on the system. If placing it into a new USB slot, wait until the blue USB lock drivers completely install. Now open the software again.

  4. Go back to [Tools] > [Options] > [Video]. Change the Video Board to [Matrox DSXle2]. The resolution and other settings should be set appropriately, depending on your setup.


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