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Microsoft PowerPoint®: Importing Slides to GenCG

GenCG has an "import as background" feature that makes importing slides seamless. This can be found at [Insert] > [Background Image Sequence].

Follow the steps below to import slides into GenCG:

  1. Inside Microsoft PowerPoint®, open the desired file and go to [File] > [Save As] > [Other Formats].

  2. Under [Save As Type] select [JPG File Interchange Format].

  3. A window will appear asking "Do you want to export every slide in the presentation or only the current slide?" Choose the appropriate selection.

  4. Microsoft PowerPoint® will export all slides as an image sequence. Once it finished, open GenCG.

  5. Go to [Insert] > [Background Image Sequence]. Click on the first slide in your sequence and adjust the size and position within the GenCG menu.

  6. Insert the image. Now GenCG will automatically resize all images within the sequence.

Because the slides were inserted as a background, they can be easily typed over. If you would like the slides to be inserted as images instead, go to [Insert] > [Image Sequence].

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