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Everything about Persona and Audio Files

Compix Persona accepts MP3 and WAV files for playback. You can insert them as an In or Out transition in the Timeline of each page. Persona plays audio files through the embedded SDI output on Channel 1 and Channel 2. If you have a video feed going through the Persona system (connected downstream of your switcher), there is no added CG audio output to that feed.

Inserting Audio Files

Under the Page tab, you have two options for audio input: insert an In Audio or an Out Audio. If you insert an In Audio, the audio file will play at the beginning of your Timeline. If you insert an Out Audio, the audio file will play when your Timeline finishes. To play either, select [Use] first then browse for your audio file.

Note: Audio files will play in their entirety regardless of how long the Timeline is. Please keep this in mind.

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