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Dissolve Crawls and Rollup Mode

Dissolving Crawls

The default method of bringing in crawls is through a cut. NewsScroll does give you the option of dissolving crawls in and out. You can control the speed of the dissolve as well.

After opening your crawl, go to [Crawl] > [Crawl BG Option].

Select [Starting/End Blank BG] if you would like your crawl to start and end with a blank background bar. If you would like the blank bar to dissolve in and out, select [Blank BG Fade In/Out].

Rollup Mode

NewsScroll has a feature that allows you to roll up the crawl data, allowing for the static display of the data. Each text line rolls from the bottom to the top of your crawl area.

Inside NewsScroll, select [Crawl] > [Change Roll Up Mode] > [Upper (Primary) Crawl]. Now with the upper or primary crawl selected, the Rollup feature will apply only to that crawl.

The speed of the roll itself can be adjusted under [Crawl] > [Roll Up Speed Settings]. The lower and upper crawl can be set independently.

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