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Digital Juice: Exporting Animation for GenCG

The instructions below are for Juicer 3 only. Juicer 3 is Digital Juice's free software for customizing your animations.

Basic Digital Juice Operations
  1. After opening the software, click [Jump Backs] to the left and locate the Jump Backs you currently own. You will notice that all Jump Back animations load in the center. Click on one to see the animation.

  2. Right click on the animation you want and select [[Add Item(s) to Batch]. The animation will then move to the Batch Panel.

  3. Select the Jump Back in the Batch Panel and click [Settings]. To the left you will see all customizable features that Juicer 3 has to offer. Please change the following:

  • Canvas Size: If you want only the lower third animated, squash it down by making the dimensions around 720x125 for NTSC.

  • Duration: Most Digital Juice files are 20-30 seconds long. Considering there are 30 images per second, it could take up a lot of space. It is highly recommended that the length be about 4-5 seconds long. Cross Dissolves can then be used to transition from the last frame to the first frame smoothly.

  • Cross Dissolve: If you do shorten the animation, this option gives you the ability to cross dissolve your last frame with your first frame.

Setting Targa Sequence in Digital Juice
  1. After changing the settings to you liking, go to [Output] > [Format] > [Targa Sequence]. Change the [Output Location] and give it a file name. Note: When creating your file name, do not include numbers. This will complicate the GenCG import in detecting the sequence.

  2. Click [Render].

Inserting the Animation in GenCG
  1. After manipulating the Targa sequence in Digital Juice is complete, open GenCG and click on [Insert] > [Animation].

  2. Set [Files of Type] to [Image Files] and open the first image in your sequence. GenCG will ask if you want to save your sequence with its current name and if you would like to delete your sequence after the import.

  3. After it is loaded in GenCG, click on the Attributes tab and look for [Animation Loop] at the bottom. If the [Animation Loop] is set to 0, GenCG will play the animation continuously until the page is finished. If the [Animation Loop] is set to 100, the animation will loop continuously until you stop it. If you have your animation playing infinitely (set loop to 100), instantly cut it out by pressing the forward slash (/) key on your numeric keypad.

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