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Crawl(s) does not show up on Preview Window

Option 1

Go to the [Layers] > [Position] (for NewsScroll 3.5, go to [Crawl] > [Set Crawl Area]). You will see [Crawl Gap] and [Bottom Margin] on the lower left hand side.

The [Crawl Gap] indicates the amount of lines between each crawl. The [Bottom Margin] indicates the amount of lines beneath both crawls. Make sure they are set appropriately.

If you cannot change the value of [Crawl Gap] and [Bottom Margin], backup the NewsScroll folder data, delete the folder C:\Compix\NewsScroll (subsequently deleting all nested folders), and reinstall NewsScroll.

Option 2

If your [Crawl Gap] and [Bottom Margin] are set correctly and you still do not see your crawl(s), open the template in GenCG by double-clicking on the corresponding template to the left. Once the template opening in GenCG, verify that "@1" exists on a lower third bar. Also verify that your [Page Mode] is set to [Crawl], not [Still]. Save your changes and close GenCG.

Option 3

If your crawl is set up properly and you still do not see them, please make sure the data is correctly entered. Your data should include the following information (if you open the text document or press [Script Mode] after opening the data in NewsScroll):

*sc TEST (TEST would represent your template file name without the .gcg extension. Make sure there is a space between "*sc" and "TEST".)

= Line 1 (make sure all lines have an equal (=) sign at the beginning)

= Line 2

#### (four (4) hash (#) signs at the end are necessary for the crawl)

If the Layer Position, Template, and Data settings are correctly entered, you should see the crawl successfully in NewsScroll.

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