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AutoCast Stalls

If AutoCast stalls, crashes, or hangs when the application is open, the configuration files are most likely damaged.

  1. Go into C:\Program Files\Compix\AutoCast and delete the autocast.cfg file. Reopen AutoCast.

  2. If AutoCast continues to stall, a folder in your registry might be corrupted.

  • Go into your registry by clicking on [Start] > [Run] and type in "regedit". Note: before editing your registry, back it up by going to [File] > [Export].

  • Locate and delete the AutoCast file inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LocalAppWizard-Generated Applications.

  1. If AutoCast still does not work, completely uninstall AutoCast, delete the AutoCast folder in C:\Program Files\Compix, and reinstall AutoCast.​


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