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Adobe After Effects CS6~CC: Exporting Animation with Alpha for Compix Software

Please follow these steps to export Adobe After Effects® compositions for the Compix products:

  1. When finished creating your animation within AE, click on the Composition to select it, go to Export -> Add to Render Queue

  2. Within the Render Queue menu on your lower tab, click on the dropdown arrow to the right of "Output Module" and select Custom...

  3. Inside the Output Module Settings -> Main Options menu, change the Format from QuickTime to Targa Sequence

  4. Under the Video Output section of the Main Options menu, select Channels: RGB+Alpha. The standard option is RGB, which excludes the alpha channel for transparency within your graphic.

  5. If you are intermixing video & Compix graphics, make sure to select Straight (Unmatted) inside the Main Options ->Video Output -> Color section because you want alpha information stored in only the Alpha channel for exact gradient transparency for the Compix graphic video feed. If you are using Compix has a stand alone unit with no external video connected, select Premultiplied, as you will see black in opacity from a mixture of alpha information being located on all RGB channels. This will allow for smooth opacity.

  6. Within the Main Options menu, it is highly recommended to Crop the animated sequence so only the animation itself gets rendered. If you are creating a lower third animation, crop the 720x480, 1920x1080, or 1280x720 canvas so only the lower third itself gets rendered. This will greatly decrease the size of the animation and allow room for maneuverability within the Compix application.


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