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“Overclocking Failed! Please Enter Setup…”

If you are receiving an "Overclocking Failed!" message when booting up your system, it may be because your system recently underwent a power outage or had been improperly shut down, causing a spike of electricity. Please follow the steps below to fix this issue.

  1. Take our the Compix board until your system is stabilized. Now, go inside your BIOS and press [Defaults]. See if the issue is corrected.

  2. If not, shut down your system and disconnect the power. Remove the RAM and motherboard battery.

  3. After removing the motherboard battery and RAM, wait about 30 seconds and press the front and back power button to drain the electricity.

  4. Now replace only the motherboard battery.

  5. Turn on the system. Since the RAM has been removed, you should hear beeping. If no beeping is present, you may have a defective motherboard.

  6. If beeping occurs, turn off the system and remove the power. Replace the RAM and boot into Windows. If the boot is successful and you are using the motherboard's internal VGA graphics card for your display, boot back into the BIOS. Reconfigure your Primary Graphics Adaptor (most likely inside [Advanced] > [North Bridge] or [General] > [Integrated Peripheral]) by setting it to Internal, not PCI.

  7. Now shut down the system and disconnect the power. Place the Compix board back inside. If Windows does not load, repeat step 6.


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