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Upgrading to GenCG 5.5

Is my Compix system compatible?

GenCG 5.5 and above is intended to run on either AllCG or Matrox based Compix systems. AllCG systems have serial numbers similar to AA0001-SDA-001, and Matrox systems have serial numbers similar to A00001. The Compix serial number is either located on your system chassis, or within the Compix Drivers menu.

If you are using AllCG based Compix systems, please download and install the latest AllCG Utilities corresponding to your Windows OS before installing GenCG.

Problems upgrading with HD or HD Ready Matrox systems (serial number similar to: A00001)

If you are upgrading from GenCG 5.0 HD, please un-install the current Matrox drives and Compix Controller installed on your system. Go to the Control Panel, then Programs and Features (for Windows XP, go to the Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs). Locate and Uninstall Matrox DSX.utils and Compix Controller.

Afterwards, go to the Compix downloads page and install both the latest HD Drivers and HD Controller.

If you are upgrading from GenCG 4.7 HD, you will need to upgrade to the latest HD drivers and Controller before installing GenCG 5.5. Please follow the steps below to complete your setup.

  1. Download the latest HD or HD Ready drivers, Controller, and GenCG software from

  2. Extract the zipped Compix drivers folder and install it first. After running the installation, it will remove your current drivers which may require a restart before finishing the installation. If, after restarting, the Compix driver installation does not automatically start when Windows loads, please run the installation again.

  3. After installing the Compix drivers, you should see a blue "M" icon on your toolbar next to your clock. If so, click to open it. At the top you will see "Display Information About: Software". Change it to "Hardware". If installed correctly, your board number and temperature should be displayed.

  4. Before going any further, go into your C:\Windows\system32 folder and delete these three DLL files:

  • MatroxTransfer.dll (there are two)

  • MVCentralManager.dll

  1. Now install the Compix Controller and GenCG software. If GenCG still opens in demo mode, please make sure it is activated by opening your Compix Controller and clicking on [Lock Info].

Problems upgrading with HD 3DX systems (serial number similar to: 3DX-001)

For all LCG9000R HD 3DX systems, the highest recommended GenCG version is GenCG 4.6. All other versions have not been tested. If you are looking to upgrade your GenCG software beyond the recommended supported software, please contact sales at for more information about Compix hardware alternatives.

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