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Time Code with GenCG, AutoCast, or NewsScroll

If you are running a clock in GenCG or other Compix software (except in certain sports applications), the information comes from the Date & Time Properties on your Microsoft Windows operating system. There are options for syncing the computer clock with an external source.

Traditional GPS/Time Code

The traditional method of synchronizing the computer clock to an accurate time clock has been through using a PC based time code card to receive data from a master time clock. This master time clock receives the time code from a GPS, TCP/IP based network, or dial-up system.

The data dlow is similar to this:

Note: The GPS Antenna will pick up GMT time every few seconds or minutes.

This method is still used often in large facilities that can afford the GPS, clock, and T/C equipment. You can add an aftermarket time code card to the Compix system, as long as the current Windows operating system is compatible. Compix does not have a recommendation list for any specific manufacturer and has not completed any testing.

Computer Network Time Protocol (NTP)

NTP is often used as a method to sync PC-based computers to a time source. It is described in the Wikipedia link here:

Network administrators are usually familiar with the setup. Here is a diagram of the data flow:

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