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Play pages with GenCG Offline

GenCG Edit comes with powerful play mechanisms allowing you to view pages you've built through either your 2nd VGA monitor, or a small pop-up window. Depending on your graphic cards performance, GenCG may be able to playback pages with full animations and effects. If the graphics card is not powerful enough, GenCG will display a "No Playback Supported" message when opened. Any PCI-Express graphics card with Pixel Shader 2.0 or above should work, but not all graphic cards have been tested.

There are two options for play output. The first option is if there is only one VGA monitor or you would like to play out on the same monitor as GenCG. To play it on your 1st VGA monitor, click the [Play] button and a small window will appear with the output. Click the Esc key to clear this window. If you have another VGA monitor, the second option is playing it through your 2nd VGA monitor as a full screen image by going to [View] > [2nd VGA].

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