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NewsScroll comes up in Demo Mode

If NewsScroll comes up in Demo Mode, you must find out if it is activated on the Compix system. Open your controller program (depending on the system, it can be any of the following: Control, AllCG Control, Compix Controller, or GenlockVGA Control) and locate the [Lock Info] or [Lock] button. This will tell you if NewsScroll is activated. If NewsScroll is not activated, please contact us at 949.585.0055 or email us at

If NewsScroll is activated and is still coming up in Demo Mode, try restarting your Compix system and opening NewsScroll again. Make sure that your Compix system has a free channel before opening NewsScroll. If you have a single channel system, you can run NewsScroll or GenCG, not both simultaneously.

If restarting the computer does not solve the issue, backup your data then uninstall and reinstall NewsScroll. Some configuration files might have been corrupted.

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