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GenCG Page List page thumbnails are too small/large

Option 1 - Changing the Page Thumbnail Size

For GenCG 4.7 or above, you can change the page thumbnail size in the Page List and Playback Control window by going to [View] > [Stamp Size] and selecting the appropriate size. GenCG default setting is [Medium].

Option 2 - Exporting Text Information on Each Page

You can view text from all the pages in Notepad by clicking the Notepad icon on the toolbar or press Ctrl + Alt + V. The page number associated with the text is denoted by the open and closed angle brackets (< and >). Even though the file is read-only, you can print it for reference. If you are interested in having GenCG watch text files and have the information automatically update the page, please contact your Compix dealer to ask about the AutoCast automation software.

Option 3 - Using a Second VGA Monitor

Connect a second VGA monitor to the Compix system. Go to [View] > [Page Window] or press F11. All the pages in the Page List can be viewed in this window. Move the Page Window into your second monitor for a well-organized view of your sequence.

Option 4 - Change Resolution of Monitor

The preferred resolution for GenCG is 1280x1024 or higher. If you have a smaller resolution monitor, thumbnails for your Page List and Playback Controls might be too large, minimizing the number of Pages displayed. Alternatively, if your monitor is small, but high resolution, you might have smaller thumbnails that are hard to see. If you are unable to change the resolution, then please go through Option 1.

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