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Dissolve and cross-dissolve in GenCG

GenCG has over 260 different types of transition effects to choose from, but primarily a simple Cut or Dissolve is all you need.

Note: to dissolve pages, you will need a video input or page to dissolve with. If the Compix output is going through a switcher, bring up a camera or bars before continuing.

Standard Dissolve

To dissolve a page, you will first need the In transition effect set to [F] (fade). Inside the Page List, click on the upper Transition Effect of the page; this will bring up the Effects tab shown below.

Now click on the [F] transition effect.


With GenCG 5.0 and higher*, you are able to cross-dissolve pages with the [F] Transition Effect. To seamlessly cross-dissolve from one page to the next, set all In transitions to [F] and the Run Mode to [Manual (In)] or [Auto (In)]. If you would like to have an In transition as well as an Out transition while allowing some pages to have a cross-dissolve, set the Out transition of the first page to [X] and the In transition of the second page to [F].

With GenCG 3.0 ~ 4.7, you are able to cross-transition seamlessly from one page to the next by setting the Run Mode to [Manual (In)] or [Auto (In)].

* The ability to cross-dissolve also relies on your Compix hardware. If you use the latest AllCG or Martrox board structure, you are able to run GenCG 5.0 and higher which allows you to cross-dissolve successfully. IF you are running Genlock hardware (serial number ending in +, A, U, U/T, N, or P) with GenCG 5.0 or higher, cross-dissolves will not work properly, as GenCG 5.0 and higher are not intended for that Compix board structure.

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