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Controlling GenCG through GPI Trigger or APC

For direct communication with GenCG, GPI trigger or APC are available. This functionality enables the control of GenCG without being near the Compix system. Using a GPI trigger will allow you to play the pages in the same sequence as it is displayed in the Page List. Pages cannot be played out of order using this method. However, using the APC protocol will allow for you to do so.

GPI Trigger

With a GPI trigger connected through the serial port, you are able to Play, Stop, Pause, Clear, and Cut your graphics. Below is the diagram of the pin connections for GPI functionality.

Once you have connected the cable, open GenCG and go to [Tools] > [Options]. Under the [External Controller] tab, select the corresponding port in the [Port] field of the [Remote Controller/GPI Trigger] section.


With the APC protocol integration, you can have control of GenCG playout functions. It allows you to use all numeric keypad playback functions listed below. Please email us at if you are interested in receiving the APC Protocol kit.

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