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What are Compix broadcast graphics?

Compix broadcast graphics are high performance PC based broadcast systems that generate static or animated characters and graphics into or over a video stream in real time. Also commonly referred to as character generators (CGs), Compix broadcast graphics are used in over 80 countries by broadcast stations,

cable access, educational institutions, houses of worship, military facilities and corporate multimedia departments, to generate their creative identity.

100% Broadcast Quality.

Our products have the key functionality, all of the broadcast quality, at a fraction of the cost. Your image will look stunning whether you’re using analog, SD-SDI or HD-SDI. We stand behind our products and our image quality.

Compix Media broadcast graphics are fully compliant with all applicable Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) based specifications for compliance with broadcast engineering standards and practices.

We don’t use cheap technologies that other non-broadcast quality companies use, that can cause poor performance in your playback.

We come in at less than half the cost of Chyron, Vizrt and Deko, but are based on the same hardware technology.

Features you will actually use.

It sure is nice to have those crazy flying moves and holograms for your graphics, but is that really worth it for you, especially when our systems give you the tools to make your stuff look superfantastic, but at less than half the cost?

We focus our energy on making our products really easy to use, so that it saves you time as well as money!

By understanding the crucial graphic requirements of live production, we give you the features you really need, so we don’t burden you with expensive extra costs like other companies.

Think of all the other equipment you can buy with the money you save. The possibilities are endless. Think smart!

Nobody else comes close to our support.

NO maintenance fees, NO ongoing operational costs, and

FREE lifetime support!

Many companies force you to sign a service contract and will refuse to support you until you give them your credit card number.

When you purchase a Compix broadcast graphics system, the price you pay includes all of our support costs forever. Why? Because we believe it is the right way to do business.

All of our software maintenance updates are provided through our Compix Freedom Support Plan, absolutely free to our users.

Our users are encouraged to tell us what they think about our products and how we can improve them in the future. At Compix, we strive to keep moving forward.

Dedicated to a sole passion.

With over two decades of experience in designing only broadcast

graphics systems, our products will give you reliable performance

for years to come.


Designing broadcast graphics systems requires expertise from two different worlds: TV engineering and computer arts.

We’ve been very successful at doing what we do best. Broadcast graphics is our sole passion and we give it our sole dedication.

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