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Premiere Dual-Channel HD/SD Standalone Broadcast Graphics System for Your Complete Production Needs

Dual Channel System in HD-SDI and SD-SDI

Compix CynerG2 is the premium broadcast quality solution for your real time graphics needs. Upgrade to the CynerG2 system and make it perfect for any environment working in HD and SD-SDI, all with stunning output quality. The CynerG2 provides you with easy-to-use broadcast quality graphics you need today which can be an elegant upgrade for your future CG needs.

Twice the Power, Not Twice the Price

Dual channel CynerG2 systems are all about giving you the power of two systems in one chassis for 40% less than the cost of two separate systems. Use the power of both channels to create multiple overlays with our built-in downstream keyers and add to the visual interest of your graphics output with over 260 built-in page-to-page transitions including fade, credit rolls, and crawls. Two completely different streams with separate look and feel can run from each channel. Apply lower thirds and full screens on the first channel and, with the included NewsScroll application, add ticker crawls, a logo, time, and temperature on the second channel.

Pay For the Flexibility You Need Now

You have long term plans for your facility formats, but you only have the capital to update your old equipment. Compix makes it simple for you to grow from SD-SDI to full HD-SDI. Moving from SD to HD is just as easy as a click of the mouse, with a simple dropdown selection from your driver. GenCG is used for editing and playback and is interchangeable in both HD and SD environments. With bundled backgrounds, elements, and templates ready to go, the possibilities are endless.

CynerG2 is available in 1 configuration:


Dual channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI,  broadcast graphics system. SMPTE 292M/259M/170M compliant I/O. 1080i and 720p HD with a full featured CG channel. Can be used with or without a video switcher, includes
key, fill and DSK.

 Available Options:

PRO Option

System upgrade designed specifically for critical 24/7 operations: 
700W fully modular redundant power supply, 2x 2TB M.2 SSD, Mechanical Bypass Relay, GenCG Edit Unlimited, 16GB RAM, Intel Core i7 processor

GenCG Edit Unlimited

Allows an unlimited number of GenCG Edit offline licenses to be used for the duration of your Compix system (PC only).

GenCG Edit gives you the ability to create and edit GenCG pages and *preview them through a dedicated popup window.  

*AMD graphics card required


Video I/O Standards Supported




1280x720p (60/59.94/50)



525i NTSC (59.94)

625i PAL (50)

(2) HD-SDI or SD-SDI
(2) System Genlock Reference Input (Tri-Sync or Black Burst Sync)

(2) HD-SDI or SD-SDI Fill or Overlay

(2) HD-SDI or SD-SDI Key or Overlay


Minimum System Specifications **

CPU: Intel i5  6-Core processor

OS: Windows 11 Professional

RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB)

Hard Drive:



1 Ethernet 1000BaseT (RJ-45)

Multi USB 3.0

Multi USB 3.1

Wifi capable

Power Specifications

Power Supply: 650W

110/220 Volt 60/50 Hz (Auto-sensing)

Optional Dual redundant hot swappable power supply available

Physical Dimensions

4RU rack mount chassis:

Height : 7 in (17.78cm)

Width : 19 in (48.26cm) 

Depth : 20 in (50.80cm)

Weight : 37 lbs (16.55kg)

**System Specifications are subject to change, without notice.

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