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Our Story:

We're Compix.

In 1988, the whole world watched as Compix successfully displayed the official graphics for the '88 Olympic Games. 

Two years earlier, on our founding year, we provided host character generators for the '86 Asian Games. 


With our deep roots in broadcast, Compix CG & graphics solutions have been provided to over 20,000 customers in 80 countries. 


Today Compix systems are used by all of the major television broadcast and cable networks in U.S. and abroad, plus sports, educational, miliatry, worship, government, corporate and postproduction facilities.  


Designing broadcast quality CG and graphics solutions requires expertise from two different worlds: TV engineering and computer arts. We've been successful in combining both worlds to bring you the most outstanding and reliable experience. 

With exciting advances in media technologies, Compix isn't just synonymous with traditional broadcast anymore: Our solutions are widely used in worship, meetings, learning environments and Internet broadcasting for real-time graphics and data display.


Compix is privately owned and based in Orange County, California.

A newspaper clipping on our humble beginnings.

Published in 1988.

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