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Broadcast Quality Desktop Tower Ideal for Every Production

CinG (/siNG/)

The Right Features at the Right Price

The CinG character generator offers practical graphic creation and playback without added expenses, complexity, and difficult learning curves, giving you the tools to go live with minimal down time. Meeting the needs of the broadcast, cable, house of worship, government, and education communities who require simple graphic creation, CinG provides a complete turnkey solution without the need of a rugged rack mount chassis.

High Quality, Quiet, and Accessible

 CinG Desktop Tower solution comes with sound dampening technology on the front and side panels with optimized maximum airflow making CG graphics creation and playback quieter when the production team is at its max. The sturdy side panels are tightened with twist off screws for quick access if your needing to troubleshoot and get back to action quickly. CinG is ready to work, allowing you to peacefully focus on building pages before your production, and quick to respond when calling up graphics during.

From the ground up, CinG is the single channel solution of choice for creating and playing full page or lower third graphics. If you are in need of a simple solution without the added complexity of working with multi-channel graphics or timelines, CinG is for you. 

Single Channel Solution that Works


CinG is available in following configuration:


Single channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI, broadcast graphics system. SMPTE 292M/259M/170M compliant I/O. 1080i and 720p HD with a full featured CG channel. Can be used with or without a video switcher, includes key, fill and DSK.


 Available Options:

GenCG Edit Unlimited

Allows an unlimited number of GenCG Edit offline licenses to be used for the duration of your Compix system (PC only).

GenCG Edit gives you the ability to create and edit GenCG pages and *preview them through a dedicated popup window.  

*AMD graphics card required


Run 1x Instance of NewsScroll or GenCG

Generate and playback multiple crawls, ratings logos, time, temp, static logos, animations, live data updates from URL and RSS feeds and txt files. Interface connectivity to Tightrope Media, automated EAS integration, schedule functions, open API for 3rd party development.


Video I/O Standards Supported





1280x720p (60/59.94/50)


525i NTSC (59.94)

625i PAL (50)

(1) HD-SDI or SD-SDI
(1) System Genlock Reference Input (Tri-Sync or Black Burst Sync)

(1) HD-SDI or SD-SDI Fill or Overlay

(1) HD-SDI or SD-SDI Key or Overlay

CinG All Systems**

Minimum System Specifications

CPU: Intel i5  6-Core processor

OS: Windows 11 Professional

RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB)

Hard Drive:



1 Ethernet 1000BaseT (RJ-45)

Multi USB 3.0

Multi USB 3.1

Wifi capable

Power Specifications

Power Supply: 650W

110/220 Volt 60/50 Hz (Auto-sensing)

Physical Dimensions

Desktop Chassis:

Height : 17.7 in (440mm)

Width : 8.3 in (210mm)

Depth : 15.7 in (399mm)

Weight : 20 lbs (8.85kg)

**System Specifications are subject to change, without notice.

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