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Channel Brander

Dedicated to crawls and bug insertion. Control 11 individual objects on one device

Flexible Options for Putting Targeted and Personalized Content On-Screen

Compix Channel Brander brings your channel to life with great features to keep your audience tuned in. Included are a continuous stream of automatically updating informational tickers and crawls, weather conditions, and Emergency Alerts. Channel Brander uses NewsScroll to offer powerful channel branding and affordable creation of interactive, informational headline feeds. With added tools for creating graphics, such as personalized lower-thirds, broadcasters can easily monetize the on-screen space and increase viewer loyalty.

With flexible options for putting targeted and personalized content on-screen, users can add crawls, logos, and more – all on a single channel system. Channel Brander enables simultaneous display of two independent crawls that automatically draw data from text files updated manually or automatically. Users can go to their news, sports, weather, and financial data websites to link RSS feeds in Channel Brander.

With four static or animated logos, you can display your station’s and sponsor’s logo with room for additional bug graphics, which provides ways to increase your overall revenue stream. The Channel Brander system comes equipped with a real-time clock, Data Box for dynamic text integration, and a text field for instant updates. Users can save the positioning and attributes of each item on the video output screen, making recall fast and easy. Objects can be modified and scheduled for either a one time or weekly event.

Channel Brander individual objects include: 2 crawls with roll-up, 4 animated / static bugs, customizable clock, static CG pages with either cut/dissolve effects, dynamic data box, motion picture ratings feature for timed triggering, and a simple text entry.


Channel Brander is available in 1 configuration:

Single Channel HD-SDI/SD-SDI,  SMPTE 292M/259M/170M compliant I/O. 1080i and 720p HD with a full featured CG channel. Can be used with or without a video switcher, includes

key, fill and DSK.


Video I/O Standards Supported

1920x1080i (50/59.94/60)

1920x1080p (50/59.94/60)
1280x720p (50


525i NTSC (59.94)

625i PAL (50)

(1) HD-SDI or SD-SDI

(1) System Genlock Reference Input (Tri-Sync or Black Burst Sync)

(1) HD-SDI or SD-SDI Fill or Overlay
(1) HD-SDI or SD-SDI Key or Overlay

Channel Brander

Minimum System Specifications**

CPU: Intel Core i5 6-Core processor

OS: Windows 11 Professional


16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4

Hard Drive:



1 Ethernet 1000BaseT (RJ-45)

Multi USB 3.0

Multi USB 3.1

Wifi capable

Power Specifications

Power Supply:  650W

110/220 Volt 60/50 Hz (Auto-sensing)

Optional Dual redundant hot swappable power supply available

Physical Dimensions

4RU rack mount chassis:

Height : 7 in (17.78cm)

Width : 19 in (48.26cm) 

Depth : 20 in (50.80cm)

Weight : 37 lbs (16.55kg)

**System Specifications are subject to change, without notice.

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